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Reverchon Park Through the Years

1915: Cole's Purchase

The City of Dallas purchases land  straddling Turtle Creek in 1915.  What will become Reverchon Park is founded on a former open air slum known as "Woodchuck Hill" or “Squattertown”.

Source: FLASHBACK : DALLAS Copyright © 2014 Paula Bosse. All Rights Reserved.

woodchuck hill.jpg

1920: The ballpark opens

Reverchon Ballpark plays its first games. Area companies like Vought and Scheppes Dairy boast "competitive" teams.

reverchon_vought_ballgame_50s dallas_his

1935-1937: The Works Progress Administration

FDR's WPA deploys teams to install beautiful stonework adding the Iris Bowl and other improvements.


1940: Ballpark lights go up

Reverchon ballfield becomes the regions first lighted ball field.  Night games come to Dallas.


1940: Lighted Scoreboard added featuring Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper agrees to construct Reverchon's scoreboard.  American Legion baseball comes to Dallas starting a nearly 75 year run of top amateur talent showcases at the 'Shon.'

Source: Dallas Municipal Archives; Dallas Parks and Recreation

Scoreboard Sketch.jpg

1951: The park is expanded from 36 to 46 acres.

During the 1950's barnstorming days, the treelined field at Maple and Turtle Creek was the choice locale for the Cleveland Indians pitching tandem of Bob Feller and Bob Lemon and the New York Giants with the great Willie Mays to workout while the teams readied to play an exhibition game at Burnett Field. 


1957: Love Field light restrictions

As Dallas grew and Love Field expanded for larger aircraft, light height restrictions required lighting to be lowered changing Reverchon and causing teams to opt for larger open spaces. 


1970s: SMU calls Reverchon HOME

Southern Methodist University baseball team uses Reverchon as Home field while their field is being built.  Devastated by a let down against TCU in the old Southwest Conference resulting in a standings tie with Texas, SMU is snubbed for the National Title possibly foretelling the end of SMU baseball.


1980s & 90s: The park becomes a haven for crime.

As city maintenance funds dry up and visitors turn away, the park becomes a haven for crime.  The city appears to concede the space to the street.


1998: The Four Hundred!

Over 400 volunteers mobilize to take back the park

2005 reverchon01.jpg

2002: Playground Build

Hundreds of orthopedic surgeons in town for a conference build a playground in a single day.


2005: Friends of Reverchon Park

Friends of Reverchon Park is established, and the group drafts a master plan for the park. 


2007-2013: Progress Continues

2007: Lights at the baseball field updated collegiate standards.

2008:A ramp is built connecting the park to the Katy Trail.

2010: The Iris Bowl is restored and replanted.

2010: Dallas Mavericks to plant "Trees for Threes".

2011: Hillside stonework restoration starts. 

2013: Hillside stonework restoration completed.

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